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R.A.C.E. for success with our learning approach

Responsibility, Attitude, Creativity and Empowerment—assists students in accomplishing their academic goals by focusing on its four pillars of success, which will enhance their confidence and overall performance in and outside the classroom.



During the initial assessment, Goldenberg Learning will determine if a child grasps the importance of taking accountability for his or her own success. We believe that every child must take responsibility for their actions and learning experience.

Our company promotes student proficiency in core subjects and skills that are taught in school. Therefore, Goldenberg Learning will not only tutor in these areas, but also teach students how to stay organized and manage their time wisely.




Once a student takes responsibility and recognition for his or her work they have to then build up the correct attitude to make things work. The student should have a positive attitiude rather than a negative one to instill that he or she will accomplish their goals.  Most students will not accomplish the skills that they are working on if they do not build the right attitude.  Goldenberg learning will help students build the best attitude possible.




Once the student builds the correct attitude they will then be able to grow their own creativity. Creativity can enhance all the goals of the students. Each person has his or her own creativity that will shine through once they use their positive attitude. Goldenberg Learning’s belief is to instill creativity in all academic areas.  Some techniques that Goldenberg Learning uses while working with students to enhance their creativity are technology, woodworking, painting, coloring, music, and many others.





Once all three aspects of the R.A.C. E. approach are conquered all students that work with Goldenberg Learning will feel empowered to accomplish all of their academic goals. Besides this, every student will feel is that their self esteem will be greater because they have accomplished all of their academic and social goals inside and outside of the classroom.  


Our reward system


Goldenberg Learning is a big believer in positive reinforcement and the system is there to instill the positive attitude in every student. Goldenberg Learning believes that learning is authentic and from within the child and the positive reinforcement just adds to the learning process and makes the child or student feel good about him or herself.

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